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Year Three of the Loc Journey

I started my loc journey on March 16, 2018. These past 3 years have been just that, a journey. Starting my loc journey was something I never thought I'd be courageous enough to do. It was a freedom decision. My brain has an unhealthy tendency to think compulsively quite often (and it's been a true downfall that's being [professionally] evaluated). When it came to decisions about my hair, my wardrobe, how I spoke or speak amongst certain folks, I had no true viable say. I had no say to a point that I was told I should probably never even go natural because it "wasn't my style" or "it'd be too much". In certain timeframes of my life, I had no choice but to keep a certain image because of my familial surroundings and it was adamantly frowned upon, if I were to ever go natural. I'd always had a love for people with locs. I've always thought they were eccentric, different. Just like me, eccentric, different. I have some family members that have locs and have had them for eons. There was even a VERY LONG point in time where I SWORE I'd NEVER stop getting relaxers and I'd NEVER cut my hair, which I eventually learned was an unconscious decision made for me. After coming into my own some, I had to put a stop to OTHER people deciding what MY style, fashion, flare, and gist would be. I started transitioning from relaxed to natural on 6/25/16 and made the loc leap of faith on 3/16/18. I chose 3/16 as a date of significance and commemoration. My hair has never been this healthy, it's never been this positively thick, I've never seen so much of my natural patterns. I never knew exactly what my patterns and textures were because I was getting relaxers as far back in life that I can remember. I was too tender headed for my mom or anyone else to touch it and it was thick then for most to handle. I can say that I made a decision for me, for the first time. It's started something. I've grown in the me decisions I'm finally making. Three down, infinitely many to go. #Locdandloaded #Locaversary #Stuff

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