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The Retrospective Introspective...?

I know, looking at the title makes no sense, right? Right. Hear me out, 'cause it just might...maybe... So, I was sitting with one of my best friends last night and we were watching movies. Animated movies. Why? Because we're adults. Anywho, we were watching these movies and laughing our tails off way harder than normal. Why? Because we're adults. We sat there and caught so many of those minute details we missed as children because we were children. We caught them this go 'round, though. Why? Because. We're. Adults.

You sat at a movie geared toward a younger crowd or watched a cartoon that you used to love and you catch on to so many things that you didn't before? Blissful ignorance is what I think they call it. But I've always had a thought on things like these though. Have y'all ever thought that those who write these shows and movies are geniuses? Think about it. An adult has to take a child to see this certain movie or turn the channel to watch this certain show and of course, by default, the adult is gonna lose interest because it's something not geared toward them. Have y'all noticed in latter years that the adults get just as suckered in as the kids with these shows and movies? Think about SpongeBob Squarepants for example...that show in plain view is definitely geared toward children, but in looking at it with a "new set" of eyes, lol yeah no.

So as an adult, you sit there and you're did this go over my/our head? Genius writing. You gotta be. You HAVE to be a genius writer to not only appeal to children, but to adults as well. Here lately, I haven't expressed his to many, but I'll say it here, because I'm sure many won't read this. I wanna be good enough and smart enough to write two different things: children's books and at least one movie. Amongst us three, who will be the wiser? We shall see...

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