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Sweeping What You See

Remember when you were younger and your mama/daddy/grandma/auntie/cousin/uncle told you to "sweep they flo'" and you did, they they fussed you out? They go on about how this wasn't swept completely or correctly and you said, "I got up what I saw." I got up what I saw... Sometimes, when we're taking his walk in life, we only get up what we see. Not knowing, depending on the eye that you have, that there is so much more. There may be some dust in the corner, there may be a piece of empty floor space that never gets swept, there may be a corner that you never turn to see, but the other eye does. If you only get up what you see, what was the benefit of sweeping in the first place? Go and look for places that might have been dusty. Go clean the places that might be unseen. the image of cleanliness only goes as far as what's on the surface. Find what needs to be cleaned and clean it thoroughly.


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