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Planning WITH Tomorrow

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

In working on a few things and in realization of what a whirlwind that the past 2 years have been,, on a broad scope and on a narrow scope,, I've developed this one thought. There has been so much that has been going on that when we plan our tomorrow, our plan of tomorrow tries to overthrow what tomorrow is actually going to be. Sometimes, the simplest things put the most complex things into perspective. Prime example: when I'm making changes for certain things at work, I'm prompted to set the effective date as a "future" date and I always put the next day's date. One day, it just hit me. Tomorrow is the future. Duh! I know, but look... When we think of future, we may not necessarily be thinking tomorrow/next day because it just seems commonplace. Saying future or saying some in the future includes tomorrow. Be real with me, when you think "future" you're not blatantly thinking about tomorrow. You're thinking about a broad sliding scale, dependant upon your thought processes could span from maybe next week or month to years from now. But guess what, tomorrow is inclusive to future. With the non sequitur, abstract, and down right off stuff that's been happening in the past two years. Tomorrow begs the question, "What will happen now?" And of course, tomorrow is not promised, but in the natural groove of things, a plan FOR tomorrow is just out the window. A plan WITH tomorrow will bring about grace, less hurt, wisdom, and even more faith. Plan WITH tomorrow.

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