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I Choose GRACE.

So, I know we all love to say and think to choose happiness or 🗣️ CHOOSE VIOLENCE any other day of the week, but the weight of a day is such a very heavy weight to bear. We can always choose happiness and speak it into your day, but things... Just... Happen. So, I've come up with this, I choose GRACE. Grace can go with however your day is turning out to be. The day could be going down the toilet, but if you choose grace and handle the day with grace, that same grace is extended to you. Le'me 'xplain it to ya... Let's say you have a rough morning and that pattern just continues, choosing to walk through that day with grace will send you something so simple, something so intricate, but something so NEEDED, you don't even realize what's happening. That dark cloud just floats away. You find yourself laughing. You find yourself smiling. You find yourself talking more. That "find yourself" is the exercise of grace. So the next time you think about leading the down spiral of your day, week, year, life, choose GRACE.


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