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Different is not the same different...

Huh? I know, I know. That made ZERO sense, but it will. Different is not the same different as the same thing plus or less one thing. Let's break it down... Different, as defined by, is not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar. Not alike in character or quality. Boom, that's it, right there. Different is not the SAME different as the SAME thing, plus or less one thing. Okay, let me go a little further. When you're in your thoughts and you drift into your "what ifs", those "what ifs" turn into "wonder hows". Those "wonder hows" always seem to have DIFFERENT following right behind it. Peep this example, "I wonder how different abc would be if 123 would've happened." Sound familiar? Guess what, you're not looking for different in your wonderings, you're looking for the differENCE. Oh? Yes. Watch this: difference, as defined by, is a distinguishing characteristic; distinctive quality, feature, etc. A distinguishing characteristic. Not character, characteristic. A finite point. A piece. A part. Not the whole. See where I'm getting at with this? Sometimes in our wonderings, we're not looking for the differENT, we're looking for the differENCE. But is one less significant? Absolutely not. That one difference that we think up or dream up, could very well turn into different, but we're thinking in concurrent and a minor distinction. Why is this even relevant? Stay with me. When in our wonderings and we think about the differENCEs, this can highly effect two things: moving on and sliding in a parallel within your comfort zone. When you're in your wonderings and you think about your differENT, are you not thinking about the same situation you're in plus the one tweak? Yeah. How do I know? I do it all the time. Where has that landed you though? Right back to where you are. How? Because you're thinking in differENCEs, not differENT. DifferENT is a definitive change of the base or the whole. DifferENCE is a "minor" change of the whole. So, what you saying? DifferENCE will keep you where you are but only going down a different slide to the same landing. DifferENT will have you going in a completely differENT direction, most of the time surpassed where you are and into something new. So, in our wonderings, we must remember: different is not the same different as the same thing, plus or less one thing.

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