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All Things Livi Nick


"The books, the businesses, and a blog"

“All Things Livi Nick” started after thinking about a few things. Mostly, thinking about how I can put all of me into one place. I have multiple facets of me in multiple arenas between the books, my “nuggets from the nugget”, to even as simply as talking to my friends. I wanted to bring all of that together into one entity. A smorgasbord, if you will.

All Things Livi Nick

So Who is Livi Nick Actually?


Just your average young person from an average city in Virginia. I was the first of my entire direct lineage to complete my bachelor degree. I was the first one to go away for college. I was supposed to be a practicing attorney right now, but I’m a call center customer service rep.


I’m in a space where my peace is disturbed, but I don’t want anybody in my life to experience that so I try to be the light, the calm, whatever -- whatever it takes for somebody to be or feel at ease in my presence. This is a tie-in because it’s another part of me. There are different parts of me that surface in different ways and this is just another I’m now open to share with others. Most know me to not be the one that vents, but I’m the one people come to to vent. This will be my venting space.

Book Reviews

Such a wonderful read from the very first word to the very last. Beautiful story and beautifully written.
Looking forward to reading more from this very talented author.

Excellent book! Great from beginning to end! Inspires you to keep the faith, never give up, and always lend a helping hand. Loved it!

I loved this book! The story line was incredible!

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